Snacks, Yes or No??

So snacking is a big part of peoples lives, from the free chocolate bar you get with a new monthly magazine. To a BOGOF offer at the checkout you just have to have.

Not all snacks are bad for you, if you go for chocolate bars every time then yes they are bad for you and enjoy the taste but feel the downside in your next cardio session.

Watch the fruit here too as the sugars in the fruit can go against your fat loss goals, no more then 2 portions per day.

Snacking for muscle means a high protein and very low carb and if your after mass gain then a lot of protein is needed but that’s for another post.

You need to watch your intake and stay away from high sugars/carbs. So when you look at the back of a packet for a snack. Look at the protein and carbs/sugars, make sure your protein is higher then the carbs for example:

A good snack: Protein 20g Carbs 6g Of Which Sugars 2g.

A bad snack: Protein 10g Carbs 22g Of Which Sugars 14g

So always read the back of packs and make the right choices. Only snack if you understand how to do it right.

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