Can Smoothies Help?

Smoothies can do a lot for you. It’s a great way to get nutrients if you can’t eat all the time.

Most smoothies are packed full of sugars and often taste a little bit sweet or if you packed it full of kale then a little bitter unless you love kale then drink on.

I prefer my smoothies to be a little less fruit and a little more whey protein, most people think a smoothie has to be fruit but all a smoothie is, is a drink multiple contents blended up.

So the GroupEx Smoothie we love to make it can be a little bit bitter but its amazing for you.

GroupEx Green Great Smoothie: 1 Scoop Whey Protein Caffe Latte, 250ml Cold Water, 2 Scoops Super Greens Powder, 1 Scoop Wheatgrass Powder and Throw in 3 Ice Cubes & blend for 30sec.

This can be used as a substitute for a breakfast or a meal any time of the day, if your after a high calorie or high protein diet then you can also use this as a snack in the morning or afternoon.

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