You’re The Problem!

So before you read this you might be thinking the title is a little harsh and your be right and wrong.

Some people like the direct approach and some people like it eased in but we are not going to sugar coat anything here.

Most people fail in health, fitness, nutrition and generally life because they don’t have a great mindset approach. What we mean by this is, say at work you have a chance to get a promotion but you are unsure if you should go for it as you think “is it going to be too hard“, “what if I mess up“. Here is the truth about it, you will go for a new job and you will mess up but unless you work for a dictator you won’t be fired on the spot for not getting a form filled out. See failure as a learning opportunity. You mess up so get back on it and make sure you don’t miss that again.

Applying mindset to nutrition can be tricky as we all have the voice in our head saying “go on, one slice won’t ruin your diet” or “it’s just one takeaway so lets order the left side of the menu“. If you do give in then DO NOT binge and give up. STOP YOURSELF or if you feel bad after then clean yourself up, tidy away the left overs (in the bin) get to your workouts and get back on the clean eating. Try not to miss meals, thinking you can equal out the calories.

In your workouts you will always come against your own mind, you need to see every hard move as “I currently struggle with” not “I CAN’T DO!

Believe in yourself only you can let yourself down (unless your kidnapped of course, then you need Liam Neeson from Taken).

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