Foam Roller Fun!

Most people have no idea how good a foam roller can be for you. What you need to know is recovery is Vital for anyone on their fitness journey and a foam roller can help. If you can’t get access to a sports massage therapist or can’t simply afford one as it soon adds up.

There are several types of foam rollers, you have the basic smooth surfaced type, ridged or bobbled roller or if you have the budget then you can get out the fancy foam roller with the vibrating option to really get into the deep tissue.

Most gyms have a foam roller area in most gyms I have been able to train in the foam rollers are normally stuck behind the cable machine in a box covered in dust…..such a shame but a lot of trainers have no idea how to use them as its not apart of the main personal training course (or not the one I did anyway things may of changed) I had to undertake a separate course.

Weight lifters and runners are two types of athlete who would benefit from the use of a roller after a session. So if you apart of a gym then go find them, dust them off and ask a trainer how to use it the right way. You might look weird on the floor but your performance will improve and your recovery will skyrocket.

Enjoy and please be careful if your new to foam rolling, the first 3 or 4 times you roll out it may hurt but once your past that its worth it.

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