Pictures Are Your Friend

When you starting any journey like nutrition or fitness you need to start somewhere right?

There steps in your friendly camera, you can use your old fashioned digital camera… people still use these? Most people use their phones as 99% of people have a smart phone. You need to take several pictures, Front View, Side View, Back View and Front Flex View.

Once you have these don’t do the typical thing and take a picture every day/week you should spread them out, if you must take a picture then every 2 weeks. I recommend every 4 weeks for optimal results.

Try to use an area with plenty of light, nice background and if you can’t take your own picture then find a friend, family member or partner to help you out.

Once you have them you need to make sure you can take your pictures in the same spot every time to equal comparison.

You can weigh yourself all the time and see some difference but after a while the scales turn a little on you once you near your goals and just a basic scale with weight only, please try your best to avoid these at all cost, you need a body stat scale breakdown.

So use pictures as a tool to help see areas tone up, help see the size of your waist shrink, see those arms or shoulders increase in size. So have fun with it and add in pictures to help you in your journey.

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