Water & You

So we all hear drinking more helps and this is true it helps a lot for many reasons and we will cover some in this blog post.

Your Organs: when you wake up one of the best things you can do is to drink a pint of water over 10-15min before you eat your breakfast. This will help your body to wake up and function to its optimal capacity.

Fat Loss: When we fail to drink our 2 litres of water our bodies start to store what water we drink throughout the day. When your body stores water it stores it in one type of cell…..a fat cell. So not drinking enough will make your body create new fat cells to store water and that’s when your body fat rises. If you after abs then you need your body fat to lower, drinking plenty throughout the day will prevent this.

We get asked all the time “what if I cant drink 2 litres per day?” and to that we say you have to try but if you on average drink 500ml a day, then you up that to 750ml, then to 1 litre and so on until you reach as close to 2 litres as possible.

Ways to flavour water: So some people hate the taste of water, I can understand tap water not tasting well but I find bottled water to each have their own unique taste but still some people need more basic tastes and I can’t blame them at all.

One way you can flavour your water is by buying an infuser bottle and use fruit/veg to flavour it or buy the cold brew tea bags that fit in most bottles to flavour your drinks and get you drinking more.

We do hope this helps you to start drinking more and feeling a lot better in yourself.

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