How To Get Bigger Arms

Bigger arms are what most guys who lift weights want, so you can have an impressive t-shirt arm or look good in a vest top. Most guys want to lift 1 weight and boom have it done… takes more than that.

It takes weeks, months and the rest to gain an impressive physique, if you want bigger arms you do need to pay a little more attention to that area but not by a lot only 20-40min a week.

Most people have an arms & shoulder day as one day a week and is about an hour long. So to aid the growth or muscular arms you need to split your biceps and triceps to 20min either end of the week so for an example.

Monday – Chest & Tris Wednesday – Arms & Shoulders Friday – Legs & Bis

Full extension is vital for full activation, you need to make sure your ego of lifting big is left in the locker. Only lift weights you can feel the work but can also handle, clean strict lifts are the way to go.

You need to avoid jumping up in weight too fast, if your hips and body start swinging you need to lower the weight.

Start lifting a bigger weight say 20kg on a bicep curl, then as soon as the body starts to swing, lower to 18kg and lift until the body starts to swing and so on until your set of 12 reps is complete.

So take this advice and apply to your next session.

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