Stretching & Why…..

So in my time as a personal trainer I have had many, many clients in the range of 500-700 people through fitness classes and personal training. Over the course of 4 years I have had clients train with other trainers as well and what I get told, which frankly scares the hell out of me.

Some trainers out there are encouraging clients to avoid a warm up and/or a cool down. So with this coming to light all I can say is…”What The Hell!!!

Think of your muscles as large rubber bands, so what I will ask of you is to go find a rubber band, most people have one in the junk draw in your kitchen. So what you want to do is take it out of the draw and pull it apart hard as wide as possible and watch it SNAP just think of this as your hamstring for example.

Then imagine if you got up first thing in the morning, rolled out of bed, threw on your running shoes (Also other clothes) and then went for a 5k run, maybe your be lucky enough not to get any problems and have a clean run but a higher probability would be during the run you would think its all going well. Then your feel a little pain and that pain lasts a few days, then a couple of weeks and before you know it your being told you have a muscle strain or a torn muscle, If it tears or if something snaps your recovery time goes up.

All for what? Not taking 3min to warm up, 2min to stretch and then easing into a run or a workout, just take your time and don’t over do it.

Have a good next workout, just take your time.

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