Plyo To Win

Plyometrics, this is a style of training most people should of heard from, if you have a trainer and you are working to drop body fat then you should be doing this style of training.

There is one area of fitness and exercise that uses plyo all the time and to help make the participants faster, stronger and helps then drop lbs of body fat in a matter of weeks. This area is under one banner….Active Sports such as Football, Hockey, Rugby, American Football, Basketball and even Baseball and more.

Some people see plyometrics as an old school style of training but the reason it still exists, and is in almost every programme that really does work. If done right.

I have seen a lot of trainers doing plyo with clients and I can only say…..get the right trainer. There should be focus on the core, soft landing and the initial boost you start each move with.

Plyometrics will give anyone who does it well and the right way a massive edge on the court, field or area of play. If you want to get better at any sport involving speed and stamina then get yourself a trainer who knows plyo inside and out.

Just keep in mind Plyometrics is Jump Training.

This is in many branded styles of Fitness Classes such as Beachbody InsanityLIVE, p90X LIVE and many more in the same style.

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