Mess Is Not Best

So when it comes to direction of your life or your workouts you need to keep it as clean as possible along with your diet.

So this can be taken in many ways, one of the most important days is even if things get messy then can always be cleaned up.

In your workouts if you don’t keep your workout area tidy and always focused on your reps, sets and tempo….leave the mobile phone in the locker.

In your life you need to clear out the distractions such as turn off Netflix and get yourself crossing off things from your daily or weekly list.

All it comes down to is asking yourself these few questions:

1 – Do I want to get results? (Yes – Go do it then)

2 – Do I want to finish what I started for once? (Well duh of course but keep stopping and starting isn’t going to get that done)

3 – Do I enjoy it? (You have to like what you do or what’s the point)

Now go and write down a few things you want to achieve, then just get them done and cross them off. Its simple and its effective, forget about the trivial things and aim towards those goals and those ambitions you have. Don’t start next week or next year…..START NOW

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