Forearms For All

So the forearm is an area most people don’t specifically train but if your doing weights then they are being worked out just as apart of a Bicep Curl or on your Pull Ups.

With that in mind as you go up in weights you will want to find a time of the week to add in a forearm specific workout. I add mine on to my minor muscle days and it makes such a difference.

If you find the Barbell or Dumbbells are slipping out of your hands a lot then you need to hit those forearms.

Also as we get older we lose a lot of grip strength and this can be improved in various ways, one is to do forearm exercises. So if you want to stop dropping that cuppa or handle your protein shaker better….or the best of all open those jars yourself then get cracking on the forearms.

Grabbing a DB and doing reverse curls is a good one along with a weight plate pinch it between your thumb and fingers, hold by your side and twist until failure but if you don’t feel it failing then go higher on the weight plate and remember to do both sides.

Try to avoid doing these on your arm day as your forearms will of had a good workout already.

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