Supplement Basics

So here is what you need to know about starting with supplements.

DONT: Just go and buy half the shelf on the store or order 100s of things as they all say “muscle gain” or “fat loss”.

So getting started with supplements isn’t all that hard really you just need to first off, Get Your Water Intake Right then you need to make sure You Training Is Structured & On Point that’s before you even thing about adding in supplements.

Then once you have those 2 things on track for a couple of weeks to make sure its something you want to invest money in to get the most out of it.

Then when your sure you want to put your hard earnt cash to work, you need a Good Quality Protein. What I advise my clients on is first of all go for a basic Whey Protein such as MyProtein Impact Whey or something along those lines as its cheap enough for all budgets and its a great quality.

Now just putting this in here as some people don’t want to use supplements and that’s fair play, you don’t have to use them to get into great shape, all they do is to top up what your diet already provides.

NEVER think a supplement is the be all and end all of training as they are there to top up your diet plan.

You should all be on a good balanced diet and should get a lot from food but supplements such as Protein help to boost your Macros so you can get in your 200g a day protein without eating half a cow a day as we know it costs a lot high protein foods these days.

Once you have your protein in order you should also look at a great multivitamin tablet. I have used all from the high priced 20 tablets for £16 and all the way to 90 tablets for £1.50 and yes there is a difference in quality but if your eating right its just a top up so I find using a mid range tablet to be just as good.

Then once you have those 2 parts in order, you need to get into a routine with those first before adding in more.

Always go for a brand name, I would advise against going for a zip seal bag from some seller off Ebay as its 1000 tablets for £4 or something as that will either be a very poor quality tablet or be mainly filled with bulking agent. Always try to buy from a retailer but we all know big brands have websites and can be cheaper to order direct from them at times.

Remember to consult your doctor on any tablets or supplements. We are not doctors on this Blog and only give out our advice from our personal experiences .

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