Believe to Achieve

So a lot of people don’t get to where they want to be on their fitness or wellbeing journey. A large part of failure is people don’t think they deserve to be happy and deserve those results. So as self destructive as we can be our body intensifies the craving for sweet food or for that burger you have been wanting for weeks but never let yourself have.

So give yourself a break, most of the people you see on magazines and telly/movies with amazing bodies they didn’t just work for it, the believed they could get there.

If you picture yourself to where you want to be and then hit a workout and hit the kitchen with it all in mind, all the time by the way, then your get there. Yes it gets boring eating the same kind of meals all the time but your be getting those results.

Mix up your workout as well, if you do the same thing for 4 weeks straight then that’s great, if you do the same workout for 12 weeks then chances are that stopped working for you a few weeks ago. That’s an upside to our online membership and our studio clients, they all get new workouts all the time before they an get used to them. You can revisit old workouts later on and still see a change.

You have to want to make a change, that’s step 1. Then you have to want to work for it, that’s step 2. Then you have to visualise it happening for you, that’s step 4. Then all you have to do is work very hard for it, that’s it. then repeat. It will get very hard but when you waver you will look back at the start and remember why you started in the first place.

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