7 Day Starter Pack

So in seven days you can make a change, I know you might be thinking “nah, it takes longer”. Yes in seven days you can make a start and that’s all you need to do.

If you think a journey is complete then maybe your goals are not right. You need to think of everything as a step in the right direction. A journey is every day doing the right thing and weeks, months and years later still doing the same thing.

So here is the break down of habit changing:

Day 1: Weigh In and work out macros, along side meal prepping.

Day 2: Get yourself moving a simple 10-15min walk is a good start.

Day 3: Think of 5 goals you want to achieve in the next 12 months, realistic goals So if you are 20 stone and you want to be 12 stone in 1 years then that’s not too healthy so set smaller goals ideally. As rapid weight loss can be harmful to your future self.

Day 4: Keep eating well and keep on moving at least 5 days a week you should have a specific time to train and eat.

Day 5: You think every day has a special meaning, this is just a normal day. Keep up the good work.

Day 6: Your be tempted to binge that latest boxset and buy all the snacks in the local shop as this day is most likely a weekend if day 1 was a Monday.

Day 7: Have 1 meal of your choice, just ONE MEAL. Not a whole cheat day that’s just sabotage.

Well done your 7 days of a new you have started to make a change in your mindset and your daily routine.

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