Fit For 2020…..How?

Hello and thank you again for reading our blog.

We want to share with you how you can get into amazing shape for 2020 as this is your year, I believe you can do it, YOU just need to believe it.

So the main thing is not to join a gym, fitness class or personal training studio and think yes it’s done. You have to think……..that’s STEP 1!!!!!

Whats the other steps you might be asking, well there is no shortcut, it’s impossible to rush fitness and fat loss.

You need to complete this checklist:

1 – Turn Up To EVERY Session Possible. (I know its easy to get distracted by something shiny in a shop but put down the fluffy unicorn and get your ass to training.)

2 – Eat Well…..EVERY DAY!!!!! (Walk past a fast food place every day?just don’t go in and order, when things get hard its easy to give in.)

3 – Work Out Your Macros & Don’t Go Over Them Daily. (You be surprised how many clients think they have been eating a healthy high protein diet but turns out to be a high carb diet, pasta is good but only measured out.)

4 – Stop Binges (Yes your friends ask you out and you don’t want to be the only one not drinking and eating those nachos as your friends might make fun of you. Then they are not your friends, real friends support each other.)

5 – Everyone Lift Weights (So everyone who lifts weights with burn fat as well as gain muscle, how much depends on what your doing and how your doing it, but we should all be doing some weighted exercises.)

6 – Don’t Put Too Much Emphasis On Cardio (Cardio = weight loss right??? That’s the correct way to see it. Weight loss can be achieved by cardio and long sessions of it BUT here is the rub you will burn fat and muscle with long sessions of cardio. So those big arms you will lose a bit of size just doing long sessions of cardio. Stick to short sharp bursts for example HiiT Training, Sprint Training or intervals on the rower to name a few.)

Stick to these and your be golden, lets see how your 2020 is starting out. Tag Us on Instagram groupex_fitness OR groupex_online OR BOTH

Have a great year and keep checking back here for more information to help you.

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