Triggers……What Sets You Off

So deep down we all have triggers and lets face it they are not exactly deep down. How long does it go from “Do you want a biscuit” to packet being in the recycling. Then sadness until you remember they were on a 2 for 1 offer……anyeway.

So triggers are the actions or events that cause a reaction within us for example watching TV in the evening for a lot of people consist of a cuppa and a snack generally. But is that a healthy approach?? No not really.

If your like myself I used to be guilty of going to the corner shop paying that silly amount for a bad snack and then get home and munch the whole bag and wash it down with a beer or in my case a fizzy drink.

So how do we break these little triggers, well it comes down to YOU if you want to break a trigger/habit then you will but over time, you may back slide on occasion but you can get there.

It takes time, a bit of sweat as you pass the Krispy Kreme section in the local supermarket knowing you want it but don’t need it and that’s all you need to do, set those macros and don’t leave wiggle room for these snacks. Don’t rush it but after 21 days it becomes a lot easier to drop a habit/trigger. I have done it as a huge chocolate guy here. I still factor in a small little bar here and there in my weekly macros and have chocolate protein shakes to help take the edge off.

So forget the science behind it as you don’t want to spend ages going through case studies of some one…..called….I dunno, Steve lol. So Steve did this and that but guess what, Steve isn’t YOU!!!

So to get your macros in order and get yourself in the right path to success join us at and lets smash this together and if you mess up…..we are there to help with that too.

Stay Active, Stay Safe

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