Rest To Progress

So many many many people think you need to grab weights and just keep back to back exercises or they go flat out and jump, run, skip, sprint…….etc.

They usually forget one thing, rest between sets either single, superset, giant set or what ever your doing they get into the mindset of the more I lift the bigger I will become or the more I run the faster I will get and I will run 7 days a week as can only improve right??? That would be a comfortable NO…….Sorry everyone training this way.

You need REST days in your plan, all plans will have rest time in it and lets look at workouts first.

When you workout you may do for example Chest/Tris Day that may be 4 exercises for chest and 4 exercises for triceps then done. So depending on results you want is how much you rest between sets and exercises: examples below:

Mass Gain/Muscle Size : Heavy weight for 6-8 reps and then a 90sec rest between 3 sets, then a 2-3min rest between exercises.

Hypertrophy/Ideal Muscle: Moderate-heavy (not so every move is a struggle, feel it work but not exhaust yourself on set 1) weight for 10-12 Reps and then a 45-60sec rest between sets and then a 60-90sec rest between exercises.

Lean Muscle/Shred/Muscle Building Cardio: Light-moderate weight for 20-30 Reps and then 30-45sec rest between sets and a 45sec rest between exercises.

So we hope tis helps you make you choice on what you will be training in and shows you how important rest is for the results you want. Bodybuilders do phases of workouts and generally do a bulk and cut but that’s a different blog post all together.

Until next time, stay safe, stay active and stay hydrated.

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